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CARFAX Report VIN number check - Used car history record consumer guide - What guarantees does CARFAX offer related to its service?

CARFAX Vehicle History Report - Free car fax lemon check reports using auto VIN number


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  • CARFAX Guarantees

    What guarantees does CARFAX offer related to its service?

    CARFAX offers two valuable guarantees:

    1. 100% Money Back Guarantee: Within 30 days after the purchase of a CARFAX Report you will receive a refund if you are dissatisfied for any reason. To request a refund simply click here.

    2. $5,000 CARFAX Certified History: Run a CARFAX Report. If the vehicle has a clean title history it will then be covered automatically by CARFAX’s $5,000 Certified History guarantee…FREE from CARFAX. You have protection for 3 years against unreported title defects. Should you discover a problem title, which was not included in the CARFAX Report, CARFAX will then pay you 10 percent of the vehicle’s wholesale value up to $5,000.

    Click here for the CARFAX Certified History Guarantee program's Terms and Definitions.

    To order a full CARFAX report please visit:

    CARFAX Certified History
    Terms and Definitions

    CARFAX offers its customers the $5,000 CARFAX Certified History guarantee to maximize protection against title brands. Claims may be submitted per the following Terms and Conditions:

    CARFAX agrees to pay to the holder of a CARFAX Vehicle History Report (the "Report") making a claim (the "Claimant") ten percent (10%) of the Wholesale Value of the vehicle to which the Report relates - up to a maximum of $5,000 (or $1,000 if the Report was run on or before January 18, 2001) - if:

    The vehicle to which the Report relates has a clean title history, qualifying it as a CARFAX Certified History, but a Branded Title actually exists. A "Branded Title" is a passenger motor vehicle ownership document issued by any of the 50 states of the U.S. (or the District of Columbia) or a passenger motor vehicle registration document issued by any province of Canada (which may also be referred to herein as a "Branded Registration") which was issued with words or symbols signifying that the vehicle was: junked or salvaged; dismantled, rebuilt or reconstructed; flood damaged; fire damaged; hail damaged; bought back by its manufacturer; odometer exceeds mechanical limits; odometer was not actual mileage; declared a total loss (Canada only); or which was issued with any other symbol or word signifying a similar Brand.

    Specifically excluded from the definition of "Branded Title" are: titles originally issued without a Brand but later stamped with a Brand; salvage titles issued due to theft; damage disclosure documents; and Branded Titles issued in error and later corrected.

    The following additional terms and conditions apply to the Certified History guarantee:

    1. The Claimant must provide a complete copy of the Report with the Affidavit Claim Form. The Report must have been run prior to the date the vehicle was purchased by the Claimant.
    2. For claims relating to Branded Titles issued in the U.S., the Claimant must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle in the form of a bill of sale and a title issued by the motor vehicle agency of one of the 50 states of the U. S. (or the District of Columbia). For claims relating to Branded Registrations issued in Canada, the Claimant must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle in the form of a bill of sale and a registration from any of the Canadian provinces. CARFAX will accept claims relating to Branded Registrations issued in Canada, only if the Report was run on or after February 13, 2003.
    3. The Claimant must provide a copy of the Branded Title or Branded Registration, or an acceptable alternative, certified by the issuing state/province authority. This document must have been issued at least 60 days prior to the date the Report was run.
    4. CARFAX will review Claims if the Branded Title was issued by a motor vehicle agency from which CARFAX receives and loads data about Branded Titles in regular monthly transmissions.
    5. If, prior to purchasing the vehicle, the Claimant knew, or should have known, from a source other than CARFAX, of the existence of a Branded Title for the Claimant's vehicle, CARFAX reserves the right to reject the Claim.
    6. In determining the amount to be paid under the Certified History guarantee, CARFAX will use the wholesale value of the vehicle reported by the Kelley Blue Book within 30 days of receipt of the Claim.
    7. If the Report in question identifies one or more Branded Titles, the Certified History guarantee will not apply, even if other existing Branded Titles do not appear in the Report.
    8. CARFAX will accept only one Claim per Vehicle Identification Number under the Certified History guarantee, or any other CARFAX certification program.
    9. Each household or business may submit only one Claim per calendar year.
    10. The Certified History guarantee will apply only if the vehicle to which the Report relates is an automobile or light truck and was manufactured in model year 1981 or later.
    11. The Certified History guarantee will expire three (3) years after the date of the first Report run by or for the Claimant relating to the vehicle.
    12. Employees of CARFAX and its affiliated companies, and members of their families, are not eligible.
    13. CARFAX may, at any time and without prior notice, change the terms of the Certified History guarantee, or discontinue the Certified History guarantee.
    14. The Certified History guarantee will be governed by the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Introduction on CARFAX Vehicle History Report back to top

    VIN: The Vehicle ID Number (VIN) can be found on dashboards and title documents. All cars and light trucks built after 1981 have a unique 17-character VIN that contains valuable information about that vehicle's history.

    Shopping Tip: To check used vehicles while you shop, be sure to ask the dealer/seller for the VINs.

    Auto News: Sweetened consumer incentives, enhanced vehicle lineups and an improving U.S. economy lifted new car and truck sales in last November, automakers reported - source: Business AP. Most analysts predicted sales of new cars and trucks to rise last month from October and a year ago thanks to hefty showroom bargains, which are likely to continue for the remainder of the year. Many automakers also improved incentives to end 2002 as they tried to meet year-end sales goals. Also helping, analysts and automakers said, is a strengthening economy that bodes well for business heading into 2004.

    Since more people buying new cars, there are also more used cars offered for sale on the market. With Internet growing popularity consumers has been using Internet as the source for searching information, shopping products and services. Lemon History Check has been providing free CARFAX vehicle history report service via Internet since December 1996 - Carfax history. Consumers have been using CARFAX vehicle history report since 1996, which was the first year it is made available to consumers. With the Internet access, consumers can gain the same instant access to vehicle history reports, which was already available to used car dealers via fax since 1986.

    The CARFAX database is the most comprehensive and accurate vehicle database in North America, containing 2.36 billion vehicle history records that are updated monthly - source, data provided and its meaning. Each record reveals information about a car's history, such as an odometer reading, date a salvage/junk title was issued, or if it was a rental car. The following are the data reported:

    • Totaled in an accident / Salvaged
    • Flood damage
    • Odometer rollbacks
    • Lemon histories
    • Junked Titles
    • State emissions inspection results
    • Lien activity, and/or
    • Vehicle use (taxi, rental, lease, etc.)
    • Over the last year, CARFAX has added several enhancements to its report and to its user websites to better serve the needs of used car buyers and sellers. The Safety and Reliability Report is free with the purchase of Unlimited CARFAX History Reports and includes information such as: crash test results, safety recalls, reliability ratings, warranty information and more.
    • CARFAX vehicle service report provide Safety data on the specific make, model, and year.
      This information will help you select a vehicle model that meets your expectations for safety and security. - Safety & Reliability Report
      • Crash Test Results - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) provides 3 different ratings - full-width frontal crash test, side impact crash test, and rollover resistance. The frontal crash test indicates how well the safety features and restraints will protect an occupant in a head-on collision. The side-impact test conveys the chance of a severe chest injury, while the rollover resistance rating estimates the risk of rolling over in a single vehicle crash
      • Crashworthiness - Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) uses a frontal offset crash test to estimate the crashworthiness of a vehicle. These results are good indicators of how a frontal impact will structurally impact this Year, Make, Model.
      • Low Speed Damage Repair - IIHS conducts four 5 mph crash tests to assess bumper performance. These results convey how well this model's bumpers will protect the car body from damage in low-speed collisions.
      • Injury, Collision, & Theft rating index - sourced from the IIHS, Highway Loss Data Institute.
      • Safety Recalls - Print out of the manufacturer recall date, units potentially affected, NHTSA campaign number, defective part or component, and description of the recall campaign.
    • Reliability data are shown on your CARFAX report.- Safety & Reliability Report
      Use this information to check how reliable a vehicle model is before you buy.


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